JP Sercel TBC works with industry leading companies, small start-ups, and R&D labs to provide high level technical solutions, laser micromachining services, design engineering, and laser workstations. We are an agile company with a large network of laser industry consultants, representatives, and affiliates to partner with.

  • Excimer laser design, service, and training
  • Optical system design, optimization, and system integration
  • In-house micromachining prototyping and contract manufacturing using our UV excimer system or setting up a custom solution on one of our three configurable development tools
  • Support, service, training, and spare parts for excimer systems as well as legacy IX-series JPSA and IPG Microsystems equipment
  • Sales, customization, training, and support for Busch Microsystems motion control systems and products in North America

Technical Consulting

Our philosophy is to partner with our customers by assembling the right team of experts to match the customer request to provide an innovative solution accurately and promptly.

System Upgrades

If you have a legacy JPSA IX series Laser system and would like to upgrade to the latest laser and beam delivery technology, please contact us today to discuss your application.


We provide the latest in a new generation of UV and short wavelength laser processing equipment. Our team of experienced scientists and engineers work with you to achieve the highest quality solutions

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