About our Company

Our philosophy is to assemble the right team of expert consultants for the job to address technical automation and laser projects accurately and promptly.

Jeff Sercel (CEO) is the founder of JP Sercel TBC.

Since 1983, he has pioneered the use of UV ns laser micromachining for industrial applications. He also has leading expertise in designing and building laser workstations, and has developed numerous lasers and systems for the LED, Semiconductor, Solar, Ink-Jet, Medical, R&D and other industrial applications. Mr. Sercel has in-depth experience working with excimer, CO2, DPSS, ultrafast, and fiber laser technology. He was formally the founder and president of two pioneering precision laser system companies; Resonetics and J.P. Sercel Associates (JPSA), which was acquired by IPG Photonics in 2012. Mr. Sercel was recognized by the NH High Technical Council as the Entrepreneur of the year in 1994 (Resonetics) and 2011 (JPSA). He holds numerous patents for laser micro materials processing (including Laser Lift-off and Scribing of LEDs), beam delivery, and excimer laser design. In addition, Mr. Sercel has written many articles and presented at leading industry conferences worldwide.